Spring 2016

A lot is going on which is usual for springtime.

I sure can’t go-go-go like I used to.  I wonder, is it the added years or the added pounds?  Probably both!  I  can’t do anything about the years.  I can, however, try to do something about the pounds.  I am starting the ‘Real Foods’ way of eating as outlined in the book, It Starts With Food’.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ok, enough of that and back to garden talk.

Stark Bros nursery sent the replacement Apricot and Pawpaw trees and I got those planted in my ‘mini-orchard’ area.  The Apricot we got last year is blooming right now and has been visited by lots of pollinators.  I have seen Painted Lady butterflies and small bees.  Honeybees?


If I would have taken this pic a few days ago it would have been awesome.  Our past couple of windy days have blown apart the blossoms.


I ordered, received and planted a tiny Black Lace Elderberry shrub and put that behind the house  It is about 10 inches high right now!


Don’t worry Carter, it will grow and so will you!


I planted lettuce, carrot, radish, and pea seeds in the garden weeks ago and the lettuce and peas are already poking up.  The perennials in the flowerbeds are up but no sign of my poppies yet or my bunny damaged Wisteria – my big splurge plant of last year.  Sigh.

My potted blueberries look dead – also thanks to the bunnies who nibbled them down to the dirt.

 I moved my two hydrangeas to a spot where I hope they will do better.  They never did well in the flowerbed I first planted them in.

  I also divided my large Autumn Joy Sedum and some tall Day Lilies and replanted in the flower beds. Last year I took notes of what plants I wanted to divide and move this year.

The MOST exciting thing I did was PLANT AN ASPARAGUS BED!

I have only been talking about doing it for years.  We planted one when we lived in Janesville, WI but sold the house and moved before we could harvest it.  (I hope the two sweet ladies who bought our house are enjoying it).

Asparagus takes three years until you can harvest it so you don’t want to procrastinate about planting it for too long or you may never get any!  My main stumbling block was deciding where to put it.  It needs a sunny spot.

  I couldn’t put it too close to the baby trees because one day that area wlll be shady.

I didn’t want it in the veggie garden because the tall asparagus ferns would shade my garden.

Out front would be suitable (and I am always going on about how great front yard gardens are) but I had visions of night-time asparagus-loving marauders taking my harvest while I slept.

My indecisiveness was keeping me from ever ordering any!

  Then last week I was early for meeting friends for lunch so I decided to check out a nice garden center in the area.  Right by the door as I walked in was a large bin of asparagus crowns.  Impuslively I grabbed six and brought them home.


Asparagus probably should not be planted impulsively since the beds need some preparation. Since I went and bought the crowns though, I HAD TO COMMIT!

I decided on a spot. I dug a bed on either side of one of the arbors we placed on each end of the veggie garden.  I amended the soil with compost for nutrients and sand for drainage.


I did it!  I made the commitment!

I can almost taste it – Yum!


 To get your bed established you let it grow undisturbed the first year, harvest just a sample the second year and then by the third year you are good to go – and it keeps on coming back!  If you have a sunny spot that wont be disturbed, I recommend you start an asparagus bed.

 How fantastic to harvest the yummy goodness early in spring when the rest of the garden is doing NOTHING.


Then the rest of the summer you have the lovely asparagus ferns which are attractive.


Here is a link that explains how to plant an asparagus bed.


After reading up I realize I need at least 18 more crowns to keep us supplied with enough!  I had better get to more digging.  I am toying with the idea of one or more raised beds for additional crowns.

Happy gardening!


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