What’s Been Going On?

A lot has been going on!  This time of year there is so much to do.  Most gardeners probably feel the same way.  Future projects stretch on into infinity – but that is  GOOD thing.

First bit of news is we are in round 3 of the Bunny Wars.  We are now building a permanent – what I hope is indestructible – bunny proof fence around the veggie garden.  The reason for this is because the bunnies discovered they could chew through the plastic netting we had up.  We patched the ‘chew holes’ almost daily with zip ties but it only takes one bunny one night to decimate a row of just starting snap peas.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  If you calculate the cost of ALL the measures we have taken to get this garden up and running and now bunny proofing, the cost of my home grown produce is astronomical.  (But who’s counting?  Plus it’s so worth it!)

We are going for something similar to this:


Second bit of news is WE HAVE ASPARAGUS in the ‘New and Improved Asparagus bed’!


I have counted 5 little sprouts so far which to me is pretty exciting!

The new butterfly garden is fantastic with the iris just about finished blooming, the daisies, wisteria, clematis and peonies about to bloom.


  I am not sure the yarrow is going to bloom this year after being divided and transplanted. It should have buds by now but doesn’t. The Swamp milkweed survived transplanting and I ordered and planted 2 more varieties.  Yes, I HAVE been busy. I planted morning glories to cover the old coop and sunflowers along the fence.  Our canna bulbs went in this week too.

The doggie poop area I wrote about is going GREAT and we landscaped around it with Ninebark shrubs and roses.


  It looks great.

We need to fill in landscaped areas with mulch but I want to wait until the messy cottonwood tree behind our property is finished dumping it’s white fluff.  Have you ever dealt with that?  Pretty but YUCK!  Once everything is all cleaned up I will post pics.

In the veggie garden lettuce, peas, onions and radishes are up.  Beans are in the ground and tomaotes have been transplanted but we broke 2 of the plants while traipsing around working on the fence.   😦  I might wait to put in the pepper, cabbage, okra and brussel sprout transplants until we are finished working on the fence to avoid more mishaps.

The chickens are laying like crazy, seem happy with the warm weather and love that I toss them buckets of weeds every day.  I have an idea to use the old bunny fence and secure an area in the wooded/weeded lot behind our yard to let them free range a bit.  No one will know/no one will care and the gals will LOVE it!

((((((( Shhhhhhhhh – don’t tell! ))))))))

I haven’t started on my spring sprucing up of the coop yet but will soon.  Fence building has got me a bit behind schedule.  Look for pics of the spruced up coop and new free range area in a future post.

What has been going on in your neck of the woods?


I Am Thinking of Putting the ‘Yard’ Back Into The Backyard Farm

I would really LOVE to do my yard like THIS: guys:https://www.facebook.com/DavidAvocadoWolfe/videos/10152846555756512/?fref=nf

And I know THIS is true:


But I also want my butterfly garden, my pretty flower bed, my doggie area, my chicken area AND room for my family to play.

Confession:  I LOVE to sunbathe.


I know how it’s bad and yada,yada,yada.  But a gal needs her Vitamin D and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo good for my soul.

So I need room for my lounger.


I also occasionally want to sit with friends and family, just to relax, talk, drink adult beverages, watch the chickens, or WHATEVER.

But most of all I like my grandbabies to have room to play which means we need room for a pool, sandbox, trampoline, corn-hole game (it’s an Iowa thing) or WHATEVER.


Corn hole game aka bag toss.

Soooooooo –  I am thinking of putting back more lawn space.

I know, I know, I am the gal who hates lawns.

  But nothing beats a nice lawn for recreation and I like my grandbabies playing HERE!

So I am considering making the vegetable garden smaller.  Perhaps reducing it by half and making it an ‘L’ shape.  That will open up a nice area.


Someday in the future, when the grandbabies are off on other pursuits and I am retired and have more time to tend a large garden – we could put it back.

It’s a gardeners prerogative!



I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, words of encouragement (or discouragement).

Progress On The Bunny War!

I may be winning.

  Or their numbers may just be decreasing.

  At least they are not chomping the heck out of my flowers and vegetables any more.

I have covered some off my favorite flowers with decorative items that are protective as well.


I am not hating the way it looks.



I may stalk thrift stores for more birdcages and wire art to put over plants.


Wouldn’t a galvanized milk crate look great at the base of this windmill, protecting the clematis planted there?

Since they left my lilies alone I have been having fun perusing garden catalogues for different color Daylilies and Asiatic lilies

So pretty!


This beautiful daylily was originally planted in the garden of a house I used to live in. I moved it here! I can’t wait to plant a few more varieties!

We put 3/4 inch fencing around the vegetable garden.  Easy-peasey – wish I’d thought of it first!


I told hubby the bunnies could get through that large wire fencing we used first.

 Hate to say I told you so but……..


The new netting is staked to the ground and if they still get in I am considering electric fencing!

The peppers are totally gone and so are most of the pole beans I originally planted.


One broccoli plant survived.


Also one cabbage plant is trying to come back.

Strangely, they left the tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers totally alone.


I planted bush bean seeds everywhere the bunnies left me an empty space. They are coming up now.


Cucumber and zucchini vines.

Did I mention the straw I used for mulch sprouted grass?

  Ironic isn’t it?

I put the mulch down to DETER weeds.

We are going on vaca for almost 2 weeks so I know there will be a nice mess of weeds when I get back.

But there also will be some red, ripe, juicy TOMATOES!


Which is exactly what this is all about!

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