What Have I Been Up To?

I have been waging WAR! 

That’s what I’ve been up to!

First of all I have been waging war on WEEDS – and losing.  Now I am waging war on bunnies – and also losing!

I may have to rethink this whole gardening thing.  I mean this is supposed to be relaxing – Right?

Maybe I should take up sewing instead?

 Just kidding!

Spring started out with a BANG.  Just the right amount of early warm weather and rain made everything POP!  My year old hostas look great.  My 2 and 3 year hostas are fantastic!  Clematis takes so long but mine were starting to look decent.  My sedum ground cover is spreading nicely.  Things were starting out great!


Lettuce, radishes, carrots, beans, peas, cukes and zucchini were planted in the garden and popped up in no time at all.  Our tomato and pepper transplants went out the last week of May.  My fruit trees are leafing out except for the one apricot and one paw paw that are still dormant (dead?)


This is my very much alive Paw Paw.

.  We planted a weeping cherry and worked on our paths.

DSCN2509 DSCN2515

Then the trees started pooping. 

Yes, I said pooping.

We have maples in the lot behind us.  It looked like attack of the helicopters!  The little whirly things rained down hard this year.   I think they had 100% germination rate and I soon had a mini maple forest.  Then the cottonwood started dropping white fuzz.  THAT is always a fun week.  It looks like it is snowing and you can hardly breathe.  Note to self:  Do NOT top off your mulch until the trees have stopped pooping!


Those mini-maple trees sprouted everywhere.



I think I bit off more than I can chew as the saying goes.

I really hate do admit this. 

I think I may have made my flower beds and veggie garden a bit too large.  I mean I do enjoy messing around in them but I also do like to see that I have accomplished something.  I no sooner get to the end of one bed when I need to start weeding all over again!  It is all so frustrating.  I finally broke down and used a some weed preventer in my flower bed – not in the butterfly garden (nothing is a weed there) and not in the veggie garden.

  It lasts 3 months so I will be extra careful and not let the chickens free range there for at least that long.  I don’t think it hurts them but I am being careful anyway.  My plan is to only use it until the ground cover of Cranesbill (hardy geranium) fills in and helps keep weeds out.

It WAS a good plan.

WAS because the bunnies ate all but one little teeny patch of the Cranesbill.


I put this little wire teapot over my remaining bit of cranesbill in the hopes of saving some of it.

They also ate an entire row of broccoli, have pretty well finished off my cabbage, have nibbled on beans, wrecked my turtle heads and Japanese Forest Grass, and even ate the whole 6 pack of Marigolds I planted which are supposed to keep them away!


My pitiful Turtleheads!

But the absolute worst thing they did was eat through the stem of EVERY SINGLE CLEMATIS right at ground level!


On the right side of this trellis you can see the dead stems and blooms on the stem that was severed at the ground.

I am freaking out! 

I have tried fencing in the veggie garden, and where the clematis are planted ugh – not very attractive.  I have used repellants.

Nothing works very well.


“Hey guys, the buffet is OPEN!”


I ‘caged’ in my clematis hoping it might survive,

To avoid frustration I will change my gardening philosophy.   I will keep the shrubs, trees and the plants they don’t bother.


They haven’t touched my Wisteria thank goodness! They also seem to leave iris, sedum, and daylilies alone.

  I want my garden to be a happy, relaxing place, NOT a battleground.

Maybe weeds and bunnies and pooping trees  are our Creator’s way of telling me to slow down?

Maybe I will listen!

How is your gardening going?  Leave a comment and/or some encouragement – I could use it.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Faust
    Jun 15, 2015 @ 17:07:09

    May I be the FIRSt to extend my SYMPATHY to you (((the Gardner,))) and my CONGRATS to the bunnies who WILL LIVE LONG and PROSPER thanks to your daily OPEN Buffet.

    “How’s my garden,” you ask? If my 3 Hanging Baskets (((once over-flowing with Petunias and Geraniums on the DAY I BOUGHT THEM))) finally DIED, via DROWNING, just yesterday, when a FAST MOVING CLOUD BURST HIT with not so much as a : “HOW-DA-YAH-DO?” I had to choose between saving 3 live plants or my 36 inch long, FLAT IRONED hair-do. I’ll miss ALL 3 OF THEM….

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Nancy
    Jun 15, 2015 @ 16:08:48

    YEA! For the PawPaw tree!!!! I’m not sure but I thought I read that Hostas were a breeding place for Mosquitos. Also have you thought of putting up a sign …. NO RABBITS ALLOWED ! I have a fiend that was the supervisor of the Zoo grounds. The rabbits were a huge problem, destroying thousands of dollars worth of plants. Trapping didn’t help . So they took notice of what the rabbits don’t bother and built our grounds collection with that. Would you like me to ask him what some of the things were?

    Liked by 1 person


  3. slcriger
    Jun 15, 2015 @ 15:20:16

    i’m starting to dislike bunnies (even though they are pretty cute)….also hate those helicopters = it’s not hard to grow those little buggers

    Liked by 1 person


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