New Coop – part three – aka Almost Finished!

My son John framed out a door and closed in the hen house while we were out of town for Easter weekend.


coop 007


The Monday after Easter we added 2 roosting bars and the ramp to the hen house.

coop 003coop 002

Since it is warmer now we moved the pack and play with Snowball, Pearl and Nugget out of the guest room and into the breezeway.

Bye bye chicken dust in the house!

We have been letting them outside in the doggie area for a few hours a day and they seem to love it (not really).   I thought my older ladies would check them out through the doggie fence so I let them into the yard as well.  They were more interested in scratching around in my garden so they had to go back in their pen.

My priority is to get the young gals into the new coop asap so I am not concerned with the siding, trim, landscaping or finishing touches for now.  I just want to get the windows, doors, flooring and hardware cloth on.  They wont be laying for several weeks so the nesting boxes can go in later.

4/23:  I picked out the flooring today!  I went to our local home improvement store to pick out peel and stick linoleum to put on the hen house floor.  I really wanted to get a box of white and a box of black and do a checkerboard pattern.  The fake wood-look tiles were cheaper and I figured it was going to get pooped on.  Fake wood it is!

4/28, 29, 30, 5/1  Rain, rain, rain, thunderstorms, rain and more rain!   No progress on the coop.

5/2 Finally, a SUNNY day!  I have a dentist appointment in the am and work at 3 pm.  😦

Snowball, Pearl and Nugget – maybe tomorrow is the day we finish your new home!



Our city’s Backyard Chicken Club is having it’s first ‘Funky Coop Tour’ in Sept. and I would very much like to participate.  I need to make up my mind soon!




5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christine Fiegle
    May 02, 2014 @ 19:50:39

    We have a perfectly good coop, but no chickens…it’s always something!



  2. Elizabeth
    May 02, 2014 @ 18:36:47

    Or is it Ruth and Steven can’t wait to get them into their new house? 🙂 I’m very ready for mine to fly my coop for theirs!!



  3. Steven Criger
    May 02, 2014 @ 18:30:03

    the new chickens cant wait to get into their new house.



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