Chickens? Why chickens?

  Why indeed?

What made me get started?  It’s not like I spent my whole life thinking “gee, I want chickens.”

I did spend a large part of my life wishing I was a farmer though, and loving/wanting animals.

Growing up in the city we lived in rented apartments the first half of my childhood. We weren’t allowed pets except for goldfish and birds.  We always had a parakeet.  Parakeets are cute but I wouldn’t call them cuddly, although one of ours, Queenie, came pretty close.  I must admit that I was always a tiny bit afraid of birds.  It’s those beaks y’know.

Later my parents bought a house and we immediately got a dog.  Then came more dogs…..and cats.

When I got married we immediately got a dog.  Later came more dogs….and cats.    It’s not like we are ‘animal hoarders’ or anything (no offense intended to any animal hoarders out there) but hey – I was a grown up and I could do what I wanted!

Presently we have two wonderful dogs, Mick, an Australian Cattle Dog (or as they call them here in Iowa, a Red Healer) and Rusty, a Golden Retriever.


We also have two sweet cats, Oliver, a sassy orange tabby, and Puddy a little black and white sweetie.

  The chickens came a year ago.  I can’t remember exactly what caused my chicken madness.  I think I was reading the zillion garden blogs and pages I love.  Growing your own food soon leads to growing your own eggs! (at least in my way of thinking)  I found out backyard chickens are legal in my city and we even have a Backyard Chicken Club!  That info led to reading a zillion chicken blogs and pages. My husband is game for anything so he was immediately on board – lucky me!  Armed with all this new knowledge I went to the feed store.

Have you ever visited a feed store in spring?

If you can resist the baby chicks you are a stronger person than I!

We bought two.

We got a little yellow fluff ball, our Buff Orpington, Brewster, and a cute  black puff, a Black Sex Link we call Riot. 005


Two of my granddaughters helped with the picking out and naming.

The feed store did not have a huge selection of breeds.

I wanted a ‘blue’ egg layer and the feed store was getting Ameraucanas in two weeks.

blue egg

So two weeks later we got Martha and a cute little Barred Rock, Sally, to keep her company.   FYI – Barred Rock chicks are black with white butts and look like they are wearing little diapers.

  Almost too much cuteness!


Oh my gosh – were we ever hooked!

All we do now is talk about chickens, read about chickens, think about chickens, and now even blog about chickens!

Chickens – chickens- chickens!

Crazy chicken lady is right!

Guess what?  Chickens don’t disappoint.  They are the best pets – EVER!  Their antics are so adorably cute and I find them to be less work than a dog or a cat.  Their feed and bedding are not very expensive and caring for them gets you out in the fresh air. I clean my coop much more than I need to just because I like to be out in the yard puttering.  Seeing chickens walking around in my yard makes me inexplicably joyful! The used bedding makes great compost for my garden.  Bringing treats like table scraps or mealworms to the ‘girls’  makes  them and me HAPPY!

We actually placed two lawn chairs facing the coop, and sat outside every day last spring/summer/fall just watching our chickens!

FYI – watching chickens is both amusing and relaxing.

And then there are the eggs!  Oh the eggs!  Brown eggs, blue eggs, yummy, scrumptious, fresh, healthy eggs!


 Who’s crazy now?

 This year we added 2 White Orpingtons, Snowball and Pearl who are  just now 4 weeks old.  Plus we were recently given a 4 week old Speckled Sussex we named Nugget.nugget

newOrps               Chicken math has struck!

Oh well, I’m a grown up and can do what I want!

Do you have chickens?  How did it start?


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jewelant
    Mar 26, 2014 @ 23:32:43

    The feed store was my downfall this year too. I got six Red Comets, but I want a couple of Buff Orpingtons. I had no idea there were so many chicken lovers on WordPress! See my chicken post at to see my “Chicklets”



  2. Garden Walk Garden Talk
    Mar 25, 2014 @ 03:26:14

    You are lucky to have chickens in the city. I would love to have chickens but our city would never allow it. I cannot resist the little puff ball chicks either.



    • ruthschickensruthschickens
      Mar 25, 2014 @ 05:49:37

      Yes I am lucky! Many towns are changing their laws regarding chickens. Perhaps you can join or even form a group to petition your lawmakers to get the laws in your city changed. It would be great if you could get some chicks.



  3. Marion Kupper
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 14:28:58

    My family just gave me 4 Silkies and a 4 chicken coop. I also have one black chicken(don’t know what he is) that I adopted. He is in the coop, the others in the brooder.
    Like your blog, Ruth and will continue to follow!



  4. slcriger
    Mar 24, 2014 @ 13:03:30

    makes me want to go get more!!!!



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